The major focus of the accounting division is the development of an  outsourced accounting solution for the company and for the clients of the company. The accounting division provides the support clients need for their ongoing financial recording, this includes bookkeeping, statutory registrations and returns, preparation and review of monthly management accounts, etc.

The division also prepares all information received on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis, from clients, into a format that facilitates audit and preparation of annual financial statements.

The division also concentrates on the assistance with on site bookkeepers, Accountants and consulting to accounting departments to assist in setting standards and procedures.

A highly skilled Finance Manager, manages the accounting division as well as the general administra- tion of the company. He had a complete staff of accountants and bookkeepers at various levels of skills, to be used depending on the needs of the client.


The business world is transforming each day and there is a growth in small to medium Enterprises across all business sectors. To meet the demands of our clients, our entrepreneurial and consulting department offers a wide range of services from startups till entities grow into big corporations.
The services we offer to the SME and Medium’s include:

  • Back office solutions
  • Business development support.
  • Coaching and mentoring.
  • Taxation.
  • Skills and capacity building.
  • Company secretarial support.
  • Payroll Administration.
  • Human resources management and development.
  • Preparation of management and annual financial statements.
  • Project proposals.
  • Project and program management.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Business investment advice.
  • Incubation.
  • Budgeting.

Tax is a crucial part in the makeup of any taxation firm and our company is no different from other taxation firms in the respect that we do tax compliance and advisory. We however consider that our taxation is a division and not an extension of the company. This clear differentiation is important as it ensures that our tax department maintains the required level of professional skill and training to ensure that the company gives sound tax advice and ensuring that the client’s tax affairs are handled timeously and professionally.

Our team believes that 100% tax compliance is the only acceptable way to run a business.

We understand that due to complexities in tax legislations and practice this goal is not easy to achieve for most taxpayers.

This division is managed by our highly rated Tax Experts who are members of South Africa Institute of Tax Practitioner General Practice and also has extensive experience working with South African Revenue Service on  implementing new laws, auditing etc. The aim of the tax division is to make sure they become an active partner in the tax payer’s tax affairs.


The advisory specialists division of the company is a natural progression in the addressing challenges in operations, finance and transactions, technology, governance, risk and compliance.
The division concentrates on the specialist and value added services required by the company’s clients. The division harnesses the specialist skills of the company and uses these skills to assist and advice clients.
Our strength lies in our ability to combine our talent, technical excellence together with our proven track record to deliver innovative solutions that unlock potential.
This area focuses on the following:

  • Tax Compliance;
  • Business planning and modeling;
  • Financial Advisory;
  • Risk management and compliance.
  • Business process reengineering
  • Internal audits.
  • IFRS Training and consultants.
  • IFRS Implementation.
  • Liquidations.
  • Judicial Management
  • Project and Programme Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E).
  • Business valuations – equity and debt valuations.
  • Business turnarounds Transaction advisory – merges and acquisitions corporate.
  • Restructuring deal structuring.
  • Forensic audits and investigations.
  • Corporate Governance services.
  • Information technology audits.
  • Due diligence reviews.
  • Strategy consulting.
  • Strategy consultation.
  • Estate Administration.
  • Contractual tax, and Legal advice;
  • Review of legislation and the effect such legislation has on the clients; etc;

This division is the core of the company and shall remain the core. The division concentrates on complying with the latest function and complying with regulatory requirements relevant to the Small to listed private and public Companies, Non Governmental Organizations (NPOs) and Close Corporations. The audit philosophy is based on Managing time effectively to ensure that the clients get an optimal result at the lowest possible cost.

The firm prides itself on exceeding, rather than just meeting statutory requirements by assisting clients in achieving maximum efficiency and maximum return.

The auditing division specializes in provision of value added recommendations during the process of coming to an opinion on the soundness of financial statements.

The audit division is managed by Meshack Tigere Nyepa a CA (SA) CA Zimbabwe, IRBA ,PAAB, SA Institute of Tax practitioners- (General Practice member), IFAC member and CA World member assisted by Cashmore Muchaonyerwa –  CA(SA) and IRBA member. Both are responsible for:

  • External Audits.
  • Completion of audit function and report on prepared financial statements; Tax and compliance.
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance.
  • Financial Management.
  • Movable and infrastructure assets management , including verifications, valuations, assets management policies and frameworks as well as preparation of GRAP compliant assets register.
  • Preparations of IFRS and GRAP compliant financial statements.
  • Audit readiness and audit support
  • Due diligence reports on acquisitions, mergers and other contractual obligations;
  • Forensic auditing where required in situations of theft , contractual problems , mismanagement, etc;
  • General system reviews and internal control structuring; Financial Advisory, Etc.
  • The audit division uses active information technology to ensure that the audit approach delivers completeness of work in the most appropriate time frame.

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